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[Short Story] Always Waiting


READ THIS DESCRIPTION! READ READ READ READ READ READ READ THIS DESCRIPTION! READ READ READ READ READ READ You should really watch this in high quality. It’s so much better xD Okie dokie.. this is my FIRST Short Story :] This is an original story by me. Ohh and just to let you guys know something. This whole story is based on either my life, or my fantasies. So yep. Every single one of my stories are based on life/fantasy. Am I weird? oo Umm let’s see… Took me approximately: 12 hours to make it.. 1 hour to render.. and 1 hour to get this up? There’s a lot of fading scenes, and switching parts, so if there’s any comments of confusion, then I will put up the storyline. The only reason why it’s sorta confusing is because I couldn’t do many narrations due to the 10 minute limit oo So yea.. Notice there are no credits either? Anyways.. I hope you all enjoy this story. Songs Used: 1)Heaven [Candlelight Mix]- Yanou/DJ Sammy 2)Dango Daikazoku- Clannad [i think] Comment, Rate, Subscribe, and enjoy watching :D If you like this, that’s only if you understand it lol, then more short stories will be coming :]
Video Rating: 4 / 5

ingilizce dökümanlar indir



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Classic American Short Stories


Classic American Short Stories

Classic American Short Stories

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